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Forward Magazine, SyriaWe blog to tell our story

Forward Magazine – FW: – is Syria’s leading English monthly, run by a team of forward-looking, young professionals who hail from so many different walks of life. Published by Haykal Media, we aspire to reflect the new face of Syria, where new cultures of business and entrepreneurship are emerging, and new trends are finding their way into our lives. Young Syrians are changing the way we see and experience our life in motherland Syria; those are our heroes, our authors and for the most part, our readers.

We blog to move our dreams forward

Our offices nestle in the district where the old city of Damascus dwells; that’s where we meet on a daily basis to exchange ideas about articles we want to write, people we want to meet and ideas we want to express. In this blog space we hope to engage ourselves in interesting chats with our readers, whether they are expats, homecommers, foreign residents, businessmen, university students or simply You.

We usually publish our feature stories in our official website (, but we will be posting stories from behind the scenes in this blog. We invite you to express, share and communicate your aspirations, thoughts and outlooks for Syria with us. And if we become friends, we’ll surely invite you over for a nice cup of bitter-sweet Syrian coffee, or maybe send you tickets to watch a Damascene dervish whirling at one of our city’s exquisite cultural events!

Sham and us…

Sham Sherif is the endearing nickname that people in Turkey like to use when they talk about Damascus. This holy city has endless spiritual stories to tell. It starts with a whirling dervish and ends with a rich spiritual scene that makes our Damascus one of the world’s lowest crime-rate cities. Sham is now home to an emerging media scene led by a vibrant youth. Our young authors will speak to you through this forum and hope to learn from you and your experience in Damascus and life in general.

4 Responses

  1. I picked up the magazine while on a flight to Damascus last summer, and I was extremely impressed with the quality of the articles.
    I’m really glad to find this blog.

  2. Wow, the articles are quite good. I love reading about Turkish-Syrian relations: two such great countries becoming friends. I remember, travelling in the region, at first I couldn’t imagine anyone nicer than the Turks. But then I went to Syria. People are incredibly nice there! It’s a striking, noticeable difference from the west, and all the more appreciated. Perhaps it’s partly due to Islam, and partly to the tradition of generosity and hospitality to travelers.
    I hope Syria gets the Golan back. Perhaps had the Golan been purchased, like Alaska from Russia, the Israelis might have more legitimate claim to it. (But then I don’t imagine the Syrians would have ever sold the Golan. It would be like selling a vital organ.) As someone who voted for Obama, I really hope he treats Syria fairly.

  3. I just came across your blog, and have skimmed through a few articles. Great work!! I’ve been in Syria for about three years but have yet to see your mag in print – where can I pick it up?

    Till then, I’ve bookmarked the blog and mag. See you around!

    Btw, I’m insanely jealous of your office location!! I love the Old City!!!

  4. Dear Forward:

    I was in Syria last year and read an edition of the magazine. I was delighted to read your progressive, modern magazine. I hope that you will continue to be a catalyst for change and continue to push the envelope.

    Many countries have advanced dramatically in the past 30 years, and Syria has been largely stagnant, Without dramatic change, it will remain hopelessly uncompetitive economically, touristically, and industrially.

    Keep up the good work. I wish you, and of course, Syria, well.

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