Short joke, but good… An Israeli…

A friend of Forward Magazine, Syria, just sent us this joke. Short but good!

An Israeli arrives at London ‘s Heathrow airport.

 As he fills out the entry form, the immigration officer asks him: “Occupation?”

The Israeli promptly replies: “No, no, just visiting!”

Meet Bassel Ojjeh, the Syrian web wizard who just left Yahoo! – by flipping the magazine digitally

Are you proud to be Syrian? Well, you should be!

Flip through Forward Magazine’s January 2010 digital pages, using the latest in page-flipping technology…

Meet 4 Syrian expatriates who are …

– Influencing the online world (Yahoo!’s Bassel Ojjeh new sponsorship deal for entrepreneurs)

– Lobbying to change perceptions about Syrians and Arabs in the US (Helen Samhan – Arab American Institute Foundation)

– Leading the paper industry from his Vienna-base (Nabil Kuzbari)

– Proposing premium health care insurance for Syrian from her US experience (Rola Kaakeh)