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It is quite heartening to find the mention of our dear FW: mag in different blogs around the blogosphere. Most recently Sasa posted a new entry titled, Forward Magazine launches blog, on (aka, The Syria News Wire – fresh, independent news from the streets of Damascus and beyond). Sasa’s blog is the “third Syrian blog to appear on the internet – back in 2004. It is a Lonely Planet favourite, award nominated, Toot-ified blog, which gets about 10,000 hits a month.” The blog was previously called By all means a recommended read!

In March, FW: Magazine appeared as a must-read recommendation on the blog of one of Britain’s most well-known trademarks, Clerk & Teller.

The gentlemen’s wear premium brand offers a blog and traveler’s guide to the “clued-up, stylish man” on its extremely amusing and inspiring pages. Clerk & Teller is a frequent guest and featured brand on many of the world’s leading magazines, including GQ magazine.

What I recently found out was that one of Clerk & Teller’s blogging journalists has been to Syria in March, catching a glimpse of what life has to offer in Damascus, Maloula and whereabouts. Usually consisting of yummy insights on what foods to eat, drinks to gulp down and publications to read – the blog listed
FW: Magazine as a recommended Syrian-made item along with Chicken Kebabs and Arak, an amusing and mouth-watering read (although the major part of the post deals with other heart-wrenching topics, like Passion of the Christ).

Magazine's 1st ever edition

Last year, one of our early writers posted something about her contribution to FW: Magazine. Ghalia al-Azmeh’s blog, dubbed Cocktail, encompasses a “cocktail of images and thoughts from Damascus, Syria). Her post about us is titled, The Only Way is Forward, our very slogan. As a new commer to FW:, I found the post to be very informative and insightful; Ghalia had posted quotes from a selection of articles from FW: Magazine’s first ever edition, a feast to anyone who’d like to learn more about our early stages.

Writer: Ruba Saqr (Associate editor-in-chief, FW: Magazine, Syria)