Avatar: A commentary on the Palestinian saga (Reading between the lines)

Avatar movie (2009) tells the story of Palestine, according to Syrian sales professional, Soud Atassi (Photo doctored by R. Saqr)

Reading between the lines of AVATAR

By Soud Atassi

AVATAR, for many, is just an American movie about war between the humans and some strange creatures that own a strange living forest that is full of life power. The movie shows us that the American army does not care about humanity, shedding light on how the bad decisions of the highest management of the world can ruin the innocents’ homes and history (American effrontery) and how deceived are the American people!

Why pay to watch such a movie when they can see it in front of their eyes, not in imagination, but for real:

Just look at the map,

Mark on Palestine.

Enjoy the movie!

Please go and watch AVATAR and consider that you are looking at a movie about the Palestinian people, whose tree and home have been uprooted –  just like the tree and homeland of the aliens in AVATAR!

Soud Atassi is the Group Sales Manager at Forward Magazine and Haykal Media

5 Responses

  1. Dear Saoud, thank you for saying this, the linkage you made is really interesting, and yes you are just right, but at the end i am sure that God will be on our side inshallah

  2. I think that the other alegory in the moovie is Iraq!

  3. Sorry guys I couldn’t disagree more. The aliens in Avatar were peace loving, spiritual creatures. Arabs are anything but. We’ve been fighting long before the Israelis came and would be fighting even if it wasn’t there.

  4. Good day
    There is no need to say how clever and thoughtful of you to make these comments but there is a major point you are totally forgetting about
    It’s LOVE my Dear. Since we are people who are incapable of love or to be fair incapable of dealing with love. Love is something we are afraid of, terrified and let me dare and say ashamed of. And yet, it is something we grave to find, feel and sense. Something we are hungry for but we can’t deal with it (maybe as some think it’s not manly enough to express weakness, since love is nothing but surrender). Love for us is exotic.
    Remember in the past days when European people were fascinated by the Arabian nights (Shahrazad and Shahraiar) they thought the east is the land of pleasure, a place where you can find whatever you desire for (rivers of milk and honey, beautiful girls all around you and all you need to do is to pick as much as you want). The east was something exotic for them just as love is something exotic for us. So, when you have something exotic you can mix it with the most brutal thing in the word and still taste so sweet, It’s something to num our mind and sense of reason .But for you It Did Not .

  5. I agree with Waail, I think he hit it right on the money. When I saw the movie I thought of all the mining projects around the world (strip mining, oil sands etc.) I thought it showed how they will stop at nothing to get what is under there. It doesn’t matter who’s land it is or what is on it, just get rid if it or them and get whats underneath. The one character I think also made a good point during the movie, I think it went something like…….we have to keep the investors happy. Isn’t that about it, anybody wha has any tpe of investment or retirement may have money in companies like that and may be subsidising activities like that weather they know it or not!

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