Abortion in Syria… under the microscope

A few issues ago – in March – we dedicated our cover story to talk about abortion in Syria. I just found this Arabic article about our issue in all4syria website.

Forward Magazine, March 2009, Abortion in SyriaAnyhow, the stories reported in this article are spine-tingling. As I was giving the article a final look, after Mehdi was done with the editing, I couldn’t help but think about how well-written the article is. There was no ethical stand in the narrative. You as a reader were free to decide for yourself whether you thought the women in the article took an ethical decision or not. Some of them had 10 children and wanted no extra child to burden an already poor family, while others had a dream career to follow and wanted no extra child to impede her ambitions.

Personally, I was never able to have an opinion on the matter of abortion. I feel it’s up to God, He knows what motivates women (and people in general) to do what they do… who am I to judge? I don’t have enough knowledge nor wisdom to have a clear stand about this issue. It seems when it comes to abortion it is a case-by-case topic… it’s never black or white… in any kind of “crime” – if we wanna start by partially calling it so.

Ok, I am done with my dose of monologue for the day,


Forward Magazine


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