Young electric guitarist from Syria releases album: Luay Rifai

Luay Rifai is one of Syria’s exciting young musicians. He recently released an electric guitar album, dubbed Vital. Forward Magazine featured Luay’s work in our new youth section, Forward Shabab, appearing for the first time this April. Check out this issue of Forward for more… Luay Rifai’s Vital on page 51, under sectionhead “Music Made in Syria…

“Vital” is now available in Damascus – Syria, in the following fine stores: – Al Mahatta (Bab Toma, old damas) – Al Khaimeh (Bab Toma, Qaimaria – old damas) – Anas (Bab Toma, Qaimaria – old damas) – Zannobya (Malki) – ITS (Malki) – Nine (Mezzah Highway) – Nai (Sha’lan) – Cham Center (Sha’lan) – Laser (Sha’lan, Engineers’ bldg) – Ghajarya (Sha’lan)

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Click here for Luay‘s Facebook Page


3 Responses

  1. im an old fan of luay alrifai i have already vital it rocks master great musician luay

  2. simply amazing ! wow..a medical doctor and instrumental guitarist ! i love the album. deep concept and the music is really amazing . makes us proud.

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