When Gazan misrey turns into an online football game…

A circulation email arrived this morning with the title, “Vote for Palestine against Israel,” with the heated comment:

Dear AllGaza. READ . VOTE . SEND

Be Active Now.

صوت لـ فلسطين ضد اسرائيل
على أقل تقدير دعونا ننتصر على الإنترنت

إضغط على الرابط أدناه

Vote for Palestine against Israel
at least let us make a win over web


Opening the link you see two flags, one of motherland Palestine, the other of occupying Israel. The website looks Israeli with all the “learn Hebrew” banners decorating the site. Is this some sort of a football game with fans on both sides of the divide? Real people are being killed, real families, real children…!


One Response

  1. It’s a scam game. They have paid ads on the website, and the more visitors they get they earn money.

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