Merry Christmas, Syria!

By mere chance I arrived in Bab Touma yesterday when a parade of Santa Clauses of every age, size and height were marching the streets of Assa’ (2assa3) market and Bab Touma’s plaza, in celebration of this year’s very merry Christmas. I felt so lucky when I asked the taxi driver: “what’s going on, is this a demonstration for Gaza?” (I had to drag myself over there after work for a meeting I wasn’t too keen on attending, having been too beat to move). “It’s the Kashafi,” he answered. Of course I didn’t understand what he meant; that was my first time ever around this kind of scene. But of course I understood what was going on from the visual effects that became clearer as we entered Bab Touma plaza. The loud drumming, the red costumes, the obvious vibes of joy enter your heart immediately and you find yourself secretly sending your love to baby Jesus. Al salamu 3alaik ya sayyidna 3eesa al masee7. Merry Christmas, Syria!

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