A Syrian Message To Rabbi Krinsky: My Heart Goes Out to You

Moshe (2 years) was orphaned by terrorists in India on 26/11

Moshe (2 years) was orphaned by terrorists in India on 26/11

Sara (2 years) is one of 7 siblings and 20 cousins all under 16 that were orphaned by Amrican terror on 26/10

Sara (2 years) with her 7 siblings and 12 cousins were orphaned by terrorists in Syria on 26/10

By Abdulsalam Haykal

Dear Rabbi Krinsky:

I changed my plan and stayed in the hotel room in Chicago to watch your press conference on Friday following the horrific tragedy in Mumbai.  Your commitment to adopt the innocent toddler Moshe, Prophet Moses’ namesake, spoke volumes of the solidarity of your community, and the sense of responsibility you have towards them.

My heart goes out to Moshe in as much strength as it denounces the terrorist attack on the Chabad house and scorn the evil perpetrators. Perhaps what makes a child’s life so precious is the promise of a better tomorrow that lies in it.  What an impression is the daunting idea of having parents killed by terrorist going to have on Moshe? These cold-blooded terrorist have not killed only Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg but also Moshe’s future ability to be a peacemaker.

Gavriel (29) was a man of peace who dedicated his life to the serving human beings. So was Faisal (34), father of Sara, also a toddler of 2 years, and her 7 brothers and sisters. Gabi was killed by terrorists in India, and Faisal was killed by American “hellcopters” in a raid on Syria one month ago. The orphaned Sara and Moshe remind us of Moses, a Man of God whose story and heroism has defined justice. You are a servant of God, Rabbi Krinsky, and probably you recite everyday: “Justice, justice, you should pursue.” The essence of that sacred text is that when we are concerned about others’ justice, they will be concerned about ours.

I worry just as much, like you must do too, about the numerous children that are orphaned everyday in Iraq and Palestine- also by terrorists regardless if they are dressed in a uniform and work under the umbrella of an official flag.  It’s not only when terrorists kill a child that they kill a brighter part of the future. It is also when terrorists kill a father or torture him at Guantanamo or Abu Gharib, or widow a mother, or demolish a home, or besiege a people within a wall…

From Damascus today, I do not have strong enough words to condemn the horrendous crime that orphaned Moshe, and the crimes that do that to countless children in the Middle East and around the world. My fears however are not of terrorism per se, but of its consequences that prevent us from giving future generations the foundation to prosper and live safely, right at home in our region rather than in Brooklyn. My heart goes out to leaders like you who carry on their shoulders the cumbersome responsibility of stopping the terror campaings everywhere, trying not to end as a failed Messiah.


8 Responses

  1. Wonderful, I was moved to tears. It is a pity you cannot be motivated to write anything this moving and angry about Iraq or Gaza, or the rest of the Arab and Muslim world for that matter.

  2. This is a very well written article. The fact that you did interweave their tragedy with the tragedies of our children in Iraq and Palestine is very smart. This is the right way to approach the west and to address the violation of human rights in Palestine, Iraq, Guantanamo and Abu Gharib.

    Did you post it only on Forward website? Please post it on other websites.

  3. Great post.

    Maysaloon, did you actually read the article? Did you bother to notice that the idea is to condemn Israeli and American state terrorism as no different than the crimes committed in India?

  4. I like the subtlety of Abdulsalam’s writing. My kind of writer. A Rebbe is a Rebbe. If Rabbi Krinsky was to show compassion for or understanding of any of the non-mensch as a fellow human being he would lose his office and be shunned. Gilad Atzman takes the stand with concurring and reinforcing testimony.

    There are many Jews and Israelis who do just that, and they are scorned and shunned. They are probably the last of the true Jews, believers in one God over all, who created all.

    They are an exclusive club for humans, God’s sole creations, and none others of the mere animal world need apply.

  5. Yes it is very true that many are suffering and each soul has a light given by God our creator.

    Rabbi Krinsky has no soul for others. But must learn that God made us all. That God made all humans his chosen because they are written in the Torah.

    When others start to see this. Then God will show the wicked one who have deceived the whole world by lies and greed for money and power. The truth at last and then he will send the one we are waiting for.

  6. Americans have had no voice because the controlled media is Zionist.

    Americans want no more war/

    Who has caused this war that is taking so many lives?

    Why should in the West Bank humans suffer like animals?

    This is the whole problem hate to a whole human race by those who have taught racial control the idea of classifying human? is the same as Hitler did. Those who have taught they are above others is a Hitler idea. Those who do not allow another to pray is a Hitler idea.

    Many children have died it is so horrible.

    “Sara” beautiful sweet child who has had no media is as well important.

    Sara I”M sure has not had the millions donated to her as Moshe. Chabad took it right on as a way to profit from humans murder.

    Yes Moshe is important to.

    Chabad Rabbi Krinsky a disgrace and it is shameful to profit off the murder of humans any way. When in fact they never prayed for all the non Jews who dies. Only a silent moment. Not a prayer and that is Chabad racist laws. But majority Americans and the world do not know. To take money from non Jews and not pray for them is inhumane Hitler abuse.

    Americans the majority who remain silent for fear of Zionist attacking us. The millions and millions want others to know we pray for you who suffer.We want peace with all who suffer and it is going to come those who do not want peace have lost.

    Americans love our Country as others love their Country. So please forgive us as our beautiful soliders come back many of them suffer. Because they see how the Muslims pray to God all the time. It is hard to deal with as we did not know the truth.

    We support all our Soldiers boys and girls as they suffer horrible. They are forced into a religious war in which the majority Americans did not understand because of the Zionist controlled media in America reports what they want us to hear and learn. Shaping our minds to fit their mind. We were not given the chance to think and now that we were forced in going into Muslims Countries we see different truths.

    Yet we suffer for what is going on. We do not want the war and Congress who controls everything in America does what they want and has forgot the American people. Everything is around money and they go into Congress and become rich. How can that be while American are suffering?

    We the true American people want you to know our hearts tears are for you to as well as for the innocent in Israel who are forced to suffer to by there own abusers.

    Soon the Zionist will take away our internet to the world and block everything as we become more educated into understanding the suffering of the world. We are victims to!

    {Not all Jews are Zionist} and {many Jews want peace and the abuse to end} many are against the horrible murder of humans for money greed and hate.

    Many many Americans who are Christian send peace and love to all of you and to the innocent in Israel. As they want this to end to as all you do.

    Americans understand now that the Muslims are part of Gods creation and have a right to the bible. They are Abraham’s children to.

    This has not been taught in America and the Zionist media has with held it from Americans with deceit. More and more Americans are learning the truth and understanding.

    This war is ending and thank “God” peace should come to all of us and very speedy.

    In Gods Name Only

  7. The America people suffer while our beautiful Country is in ruins by these scam artist Terrorist groups operating in America.

    New SEC chief gave Bernard Madoff’s son a job
    Rosie Lavan

    Mary Schapiro, Barack Obama’s choice to lead the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), previously appointed one of Bernard Madoff’s sons to a regulatory body that oversees American securities firms.

    It has emerged that in 2001, Ms Schapiro, currently chief executive of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (Finra), employed Mark Madoff to serve on the board of the National Adjudicatory Council — the division that reviews disciplinary decisions made by Finra.

    Last week, Mark Madoff, with his brother, Andrew, were understood to have approached the authorities after their father apparently confessed to orchestrating a $50 billion securities fraud.

    Mr Madoff is under house arrest in his $7 million Manhattan apartment and will be electronically tagged after he failed to secure further signatories to guarantee his $10 million bail.
    Related Links

    * Obama picks regulator to be SEC chairman

    * Madoff and the watchdog: SEC chiefs from 1960

    *‘Most hated man in New York’ seeks $3m for bail

    Both sons have emphatically denied any involvement in what could be the biggest fraud perpetrated by an individual.

    However, the link with Mark Madoff may prove controversial for Ms Schapiro and the President-elect, who has moved fast to replace Christopher Cox, the current head of the SEC. The watchdog has came under fire for failing to detect Mr Madoff’s activities.

    Earlier this week, Mr Cox admitted the regulator had repeatedly failed to follow up on tip-offs about Mr Madoff’s business dealings.

    At the time of Mark Madoff’s appointment, Ms Schapiro was serving as president of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), according to the Wall Street Journal, which was consolidated with the New York Stock Exchange Member Regulation in 2007 to form Finra.

    She has served as a commissioner of the SEC under three administrations since the 1980s: President Reagan appointed her in 1988, she returned for the first President Bush in 1989, and she was named acting chairman by President Clinton in 1993.

    Ms Schapiro chaired the Commodities Future Trading Commission in the mid-1990s, during the downfall of Barings Bank, and first joined NASD in 1996 as president of regulation.

    Mr Madoff was himself closely involved in NASD, the self-regulatory organisation for brokers and dealer firms, in the 1970s.

    The NASD went on to found Nasdaq, the screen-based equity exchange, in 1971, and Mr Madoff became its chairman in 1990.

    Mark Madoff began working at his father’s firm, Bernard L. Madoff Securities, in 1986. He was the third member of Mr Madoff’s family to join the business, following his uncle, Peter Madoff, and his cousin, Charles Wiener, son of Bernard’s sister, Sandra. Andrew Madoff, his younger brother, followed in 1988, and Roger and Shana, children of Peter Madoff, joined in the 1990s.

    It emerged yesterday that Shana Madoff’s relationship with her husband, Eric Swanson, is at the centre of an SEC probe. Mr Swanson is a former SEC attorney.

    In a profile of the Madoff family, published in 2000, Mark Madoff said: “What makes it fun for all of us is to walk into the office in the morning and see the rest of your family sitting there. That’s a good feeling to have. To Bernie and Peter, that’s what it’s all about.”

  8. The many many kind loving, Catholics, Christians and Muslims ripped off by the Zionist Wall Street Terrorist. Who never get any media.

    Loose Change: The Jewish newspapers outline damage from Madoff scandal
    By Jacob Berkman · December 19, 2008

    * Jews in Minnesota lost millions, according to the American Jewish World. One unnamed family lost $26 million that they invested with Madoff, and another family is out $10 million, says the paper. And one leading philanthropist in Minnesota, Harold Roitenberg, told the Jewish World this week that he lost “millions” that he had invested with Madoff over the past 25 years. It has been estimated that some $300 million were lost in Minnesota in total, where Madoff recruited at the Oak Ridge and the Hillcrest Country Club in St. Paul.
    * The Washington Jewish Week reports the details of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington’s exposure to Madoff, which could cost the federation up to $10 million off of its $125 million endowment. The story also includes a list of the Jewish institutions that had their endowments invested with the federation’s United Jewish Endowment Fund, which lost $10 million.
    * The Forward has a very useful list that details much of the Jewish losses in the Madoff scandal. As well as a first person account of an encounter with Madoff’s wife, Ruth.
    * The Jewish Journal of Boston North has an exclusive with Robert Lappin, whose foundation was wiped out by Madoff.
    * The L.A. Jewish Journal chronicles the Madoff losses in Los Angeles, where the Jewish Community Foundation, which manages the endowments of some of the biggest Jewish social service agencies in town, had $18 million of its common-investment pool in Madoff’s fund, and Steven Spielberg’s Wunderkinder Foundation and individuals such as DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg have also lost fortunes. And the staff have started a solid blog about the Madoff mess called Swindler’s List.
    *“In the midst of the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, the collapse of Bernard Madoff’s alleged $50 billion Ponzi scheme is cutting a trail of destruction through the Jewish world and forcing a re-evaluation of the Old Boys network that funds countless Jewish groups, writes the New York Jewish Week.
    * The Milwaukee Jewish Federation says it is safe, according to the Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle.
    * The Jewish Federation of Metrowest New Jersey and other federations in the state were not invested with Madoff, according to the New Jersey Jewish News. But the paper says that Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s foundation, which lost all of its $12.8 million, gave contributions to 15 Jewish institutions. The largest contribution,$352,000, went to the Metrowest federation.
    * The Jewish federation in Baltimore, major institutions in the city, and the country’s largest Jewish foundation, the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, were not invested with Madoff, according to the Baltimore Jewish Times.
    * In its initial survey of northern New Jersey, the Jewish Standard found that the UJA of Northern New Jersey had no money invested in Madoff, nor did one of the country’s largest Jewish foundations, the Teaneck-based Russell Berrie Foundation.
    * The Denver-based Jewish Community Foundation, told the Intermountain Jewish News this week that the organization has no money invested with Bernard Madoff in any of his various investment funds.
    * Local federations in the San Francisco area were not invested with Madoff, according to j. In an unrelated story, the CEO of the East Bay federation resigned.
    * The Barness foundation in Phoenix is closing due to the recession, according to the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix, but the closure does not appear Madoff related. And Local non-profits are feeling the squeeze because of the recession.

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