Syrian & international artists, musicians, media gurus, entrepreneurs and politicians meet up here!

A rocker from Aleppo (son of Syria’s top singer, Sabah Fakhri, Anas Abu Qaws) meets up with a second generation Syrian PR managing director, Karim Mardam Bey, whose life’s dream is to come back to motherland Syria. They both peer over a few pages to find two Syrian inventors who most recently put together “intelligent robots” in Canada, both in close proximity with pages hosting Sarhad Haffar, general manager of Emaar Syria, and AUB’s director of choir, Paul Meers.

Jordan’s leading entrepreneurship scientist & Aramex CEO, Fadi Ghandour, gives us an exclusive interview while consultant to the Syrian Enterprise and Business Center (SEBC), Yusuf Mansour (PhD), speaks about what, he believes, brought about the Credit Crunch in the USA and the world.

All of those people (and more), make up this month’s issue of Forward Magazine (November 2008). Check out our cultural, entrpreneurship, business and political features and opinion articles on .

Political pages include an exclusive full-text speech by our country’s First Lady, Asma al-Assad, as delivered in Italy at an awards ceremony where she accepted the Gold Medal of the Italian President. Next to it you can find our special file titled, To Our American Readers, with articles by leading writers, historians and political figures… click the images below to take you to more Forward mag articles…

Women beside men


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