Syrians overjoyed by Obama victory, FW: Magazine observes

Obama’s sweeping presidential victory is being received with great enthusiasm by many Syrians in the private sector, and in households in general. A lot of Syrians have high hopes for Syria following a very tense US elections period, that was marred last week with the US attack on Syria’s Bou Kamal.

The general Syrian public of Obama supporters think he has a high sense of justice. Many have been touched by the loss of his Grandmother just as election day was approaching.

FW: Magazine published Obama v.s. Syria articles in our past issues. Here is a quick look at that:


In our March issue No. 13 (FW: Magazine, p12), writer Scott C. Davis wrote an article titled, “Obama and Syria.” The writer, a dedicated FW: contributor and author of The Road from Damascus: A Journey Through Syria, foresaw positive change for Syria once Obama won the presidential elections. “If Obama wins and becomes president, expect an updated version of the foreign policy of Jimmy Carter. And expect warm relations between Syria and the US,” Davis wrote.


For the same issue, Farouq Mitha contributed an article titled “Change, experience, and the Democratic Primary.” The writer examined the implications of the promises for “change” the US presidential candidates made. “What kind of change?” (FW: Magazine, p14).

Magazine, Muslim

The same issue also carried an article titled “The story behind

Obama’s Muslim roots,” in which writer farrah Hassen, the Carol Jean & Edward F. Newman Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington D.C, wrapped up media coverage speculating Obama had either studied in Muslim schools, had Muslim roots, or was just a “committed Christian.”


The Obama file continues in our issue No. 13 with “Not a done deal,” an opinion article by Imad Moustapha, who is Syria’s Ambassador to the United States. Moustapha wrote: “In a nutshell the Zogbis [James & John of the Arab-American Institue] believe that under McCain, America can cause even more damage to the world, and to itself, than what Bush has already done.”

Our editor-in-chief Sami Moubayed (PhD), wrote “An open letter to President Obama,” an editorial that showed up in our March issue like all the stories mentioned above. (FW: Magazine, issue 13, p 48).

Syria, US elections

In our May issue (No. 15), FW: Magazine ran an article by Farrah Hassen titled, “John McCain: Serious about Syria?” Hassen starts off his article by stating: “The Arab World still hopes, with due right, that either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will make it to the White House in 2009.”

Obama, Syria, FW Magazine

Our 17th issue (July 2008) was a special issue that received a lot of feedback from our readers. Our cover ran the headline “What Michele Obama can learn from Asma al-Assad.” Scott C. Davis drew parallels between the two First Ladies, role-wise, saying ” The specific problem with Michele Obama is not blue jeans and a dismissive attitude toward presidential politics. She, like Asma al-Assad, is stylish and well understands the difference that good leadership can make in the life of a people. The problem with Michele is that, in the primaries, she has just been too good.Michele has given rousing speeches before large audiences.” To read the full article, click here.

Our August issue ran an article by our Syrian Ambassador in the States, Imad Moustapha, titled: “Betting on the new American vice-president,” (Fw: Magazine, issue No. 18, p10).

This is it for now, wishing you all happy post-elections and positive change.

Writer: Ruba Saqr (Associate editor-in-Cheif, FW: Magazine, Syria).


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  1. This is great stuff, guys.

  2. Sorry for the late response, but thanks, George!


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